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Principle and function of ultrasonic cell disruptor

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The ultrasonic cell disruptor converts electrical energy into sound energy through a transducer. This energy passes through the liquid medium and becomes dense small bubbles. These small bubbles burst rapidly, producing energy like small bombs, thus playing The role of substances such as broken cells. Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor is also known as Ultrasonic Microwave Synergistic Extraction Instrument, Ultrasonic Cell Lysis Instrument, Ultrasonic Nanomaterial Pulverizer. The ultrasonic cell disruptor consists of two parts, an ultrasonic generator and a transducer (some are equipped with a soundproof box).

Principle of Ultrasonic Cytometer:

The principle of ultrasonic cell disruptor is not too mysterious and complicated. To put it simply, it converts electrical energy into sound energy through a transducer. This energy passes through the liquid medium and becomes dense small bubbles. These small bubbles burst quickly, producing energy like small bombs, thereby breaking cells. and other substances.

Ultrasound is a kind of elastic mechanical wave in the material medium. It is a wave form, so it can be used to detect the physiological and pathological information of the human body, that is, diagnostic ultrasound. At the same time, it is also a form of energy. When a certain dose of ultrasound propagates in the body, through the interaction between them, it can cause changes in the function and structure of the organism, that is, the ultrasonic biological effect. The effects of ultrasound on cells mainly include thermal effects, cavitation effects and mechanical effects. The thermal effect is that when the ultrasound propagates in the medium, the frictional force hinders the molecular vibration caused by the ultrasound, so that part of the energy is converted into local hyperthermia (42-43 °C), because the critical lethal temperature of normal tissue is 45.7 °C, while the tumor tissue is more Normal tissue is highly sensitive, so at this temperature, the metabolism of tumor cells is blocked, and the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein is affected, thereby killing cancer cells while normal tissue is not affected. The cavitation effect is the formation of vacuoles in the organism under ultrasonic irradiation, and the mechanical shear pressure and turbulence are generated with the vacuolar vibration and its violent implosion, causing tumor hemorrhage, tissue disintegration and necrosis. In addition, instantaneous high temperature (about 5000 ℃) and high pressure (up to 500×104Pa) are generated when the cavitation bubble bursts, which can thermally dissociate water vapor to generate .OH radicals and .H atoms, which are composed of .OH radicals and .H Atom-induced redox reactions can lead to polymer degradation, enzymatic inactivation, lipid peroxidation, and cell killing. The mechanical effect is the primary effect of ultrasound. During the propagation of ultrasound, the medium particles alternately compress and stretch to form a pressure change, causing damage to the cell structure. The strength of the killing effect is closely related to the frequency and intensity of ultrasound.

Structural features of ultrasonic cell disruptor:

The ultrasonic probe is made of imported titanium alloy material

●High-efficiency transducer

●The amplitude is automatically adjusted, and the amplitude remains consistent under different load conditions

●Set ultrasonic interval time

●Microcomputer control, continuous adjustment of ultrasonic power

●Integrated temperature control sample temperature

●The sound insulation boxes are made of special sound insulation materials

Technical parameters of ultrasonic cell disruptor:

Operating frequency range: 20 ~ 25KHz. Frequency is automatically tracked.

Ten sets of routine program data and one set of combined programs can be stored, and there are two working modes: timing and counting.

The combined program can be made up of ten routine programs at most, and the cyclic or non-cyclic working mode can be selected.

Over temperature protection and alarm function.

Ultrasonic output intensity is automatically limited.

Timing mode Working time timing: 0 to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Counting mode Ultrasound work times: 0 to 9999 times.

Ultrasound time range: 0 to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Gap time range: 0 to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Gap time = 0 for continuous operation of ultrasound.

Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃.

Working voltage: VAC100-240, 50-60Hz.

Working environment: indoor (no humidity, no direct sunlight, no corrosive gas

Application of ultrasonic cell disruptor:

Ultrasonic cell disruptor has the functions of breaking tissues, bacteria, viruses, spores and other cell structures, homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing, degassing, disintegrating and dispersing, leaching and extracting, and accelerating reactions, so it is widely used in biology, medicine, Chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, environmental protection and other laboratory research and enterprise production.

Ultrasonic generator: A signal of a specific frequency is generated by a signal generator. This specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer. Generally, the ultrasonic frequencies used in ultrasonic equipment are 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz.

Transducer assembly: The transducer assembly is mainly composed of a transducer and a horn.

Soundproof box: It can effectively reduce the noise during the work and keep the laboratory quiet. The industry promotion of ultrasonic cell disruptor in my country has entered a mature stage, but the application is still not popular enough! The application range of this instrument (equipment) is very wide, which is unmatched by other instruments and equipment. Because of this, the market potential of this instrument (equipment) is great, so the number of manufacturers is also increasing, which also causes relative confusion in the ultrasonic cleaning industry and market. It can be described in eight words as "mixed, good and bad"! Sort the ultrasonic cytometer.

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