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LAWSON Frozen hair grinder helps police identify drug users

Article source:LAWSON Author:Lawson Popularity: 919 Issuing Time:2019/8/15 13:40:01

In the daily anti-drug work, the detection cycle of the suspect's urine, saliva, blood and other samples is insufficient and the sample preservation problem, the suspect's low degree of cooperation, the malicious circumvention of the loophole of the urine test cycle in the social health and social rehabilitation, and the lack of obvious success of new drugs. Problems such as clinical symptoms of addiction will bring trouble to the front-line drug control.

According to Article 6 of the revised "Regulations on Drug Abuse Testing Procedures", hair samples become legal samples for drug use detection, and become a strong evidence for identifying drug use. LAWSON's hair grinder has become an upstart in drug detection and is widely used in police stations all over the world.

At the same time, according to Article 7 of the new "Measures for the Determination of Drug Addiction", the detection of drug components in hair has become an important means of addiction identification; therefore, drug detection in hair can also provide a basis for the evaluation of drug addiction monitoring effects.

On the basis of the evaluation of the results of drug-taking hair samples in major cities across the country in 2017, the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a targeted document requiring localities to strengthen the detection of drugs in hair.

However, for the grass-roots first-line drug control units, laboratory chromatography-mass spectrometry has problems such as high cost of large-scale equipment, long sample processing and testing time, or the need for low-temperature storage, and professional and technical personnel to operate.

In order to assist the anti-drug department to solve this problem, based on the actual combat experience of the front-line units and the company's independent research and development technology, Ningbo Luoshang proposed a rapid screening solution for drugs in hair. The plan can not only deal with and detect hair poisons quickly, timely and effectively, but also enable the front-line anti-drug units to use, know how to use them, and be able to use them. It can provide guarantee and support for the "people's war against drugs".

When the police identify drug addicts, they can use hair identification as an auxiliary detection method for drug addicts. Through the unique hair screening drug detector and related hair special consumables developed by LAWSON. Get test results in minutes.

Hair identification is fast, convenient for sampling, and reliable in results. In recent years, it has become a common and convenient method for identifying drug addicts. If the hair sampling is complete enough, the drug use history of the owner of the sample can also be identified; the hair identification sampling can be done without anyone knowing it, and it is also convenient to identify whether relatives and friends are drug users in private and avoid the embarrassment of confrontation.

LAWSON Luoshan frozen hair grinder helps police identify whether there is drug use


(The above are common types of drugs)

The LAWSON frozen hair grinder can fully grind and break the hair sample, so that the drug components in the sample can be fully dissolved in the medium. The effect of drug components in the medulla and cortex of the hair is significantly improved, allowing for faster and more accurate sample detection.

Hair sample treatment effect:

grinding effect.jpg

(The above is the test effect, the actual sample grinding effect is subject to the experiment)

 LAWSON China's multi-sample tissue grinder and frozen hair grinder, mastering the core technology, is one of the few large-scale production bases in China that integrates production and sales with a very complete range of grinders.


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