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DHFSTPRP Surface Water Chlorophyll Tissue Grinder-Chlorophyll24

Article source:LAWSON Author:Lawson Popularity: 1780 Issuing Time:2018/3/12 12:45:46
LAWSON (Luo Shang China) company has developed a new tissue grinder in accordance with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the standard for chlorophyll a "Determination of Chlorophyll a in Water Quality Spectrophotometry" HJ 897-2017.

Application of DHFSTPRP-Chlorophyll24 standard method for extracting chlorophyll:

1. Filtration: Before suction filtration, add magnesium carbonate suspension to prevent pigment decomposition. The negative pressure cannot exceed 50kPa.
2. Chlorophyll extraction: place the filter membrane in the DHFSTPRP-Ch24 extractor, add 10ml of 90% acetone solution, grind at 1500-2000rpm for 1min . Disrupt phytoplankton algal cells on the filter membrane. After grinding, soak in the dark at 4°C for extraction, and the soaking time is 15min to 24h. Final centrifugation for clarification: centrifuge at 1000 g for 20 min or filter and transfer the supernatant to a stopper glass vial.
3. Determination method: Spectrophotometry, three-color equation to measure the absorbance at 664nm, 647nm, 630nm, 750nm to calculate the chlorophyll a, b, c chlorophyll content. Determination of pheophytin a corrected content by monochromatic equation

DHFSTPRP-Ch24 Rapid cell disruption, cell lysis, and tissue homogenization can simultaneously process 8×15 mL centrifuge tubes, etc.

Grinding samples include plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and certain animal tissues; it is especially suitable for the extraction of nucleic acids, proteins and other components in plant tissues. In addition, it can also crush yeast, cultured animal cells, bacterial cells, etc., so as to extract the components therein.

The three-dimensional integrated oscillation mode makes the sample grinding more uniform and sufficient, with good sample repeatability and no cross-contamination between samples. It is a real high-throughput grinding and oscillation system. Each sample only takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

For temperature-sensitive samples, Ningbo Luoshan accessories can be selected for cryogenic grinding and preservation.

DHFSTPRP-Ch24 Applicable samples and applications:

1. PCR (polymerization) Enzyme chain reaction) rapid multi-sample grinding preparation 2. Rapid lysis of tissue homogenate for nucleic acid extraction, RNA/DNA extraction, protein extraction 3. Lysis of yeast and bacterial cells 4. Pesticide/Insecticide Analysis (Testing of food residue pesticides or toxic substances in LC/MS/MS sample processing
5. QuEChERS method (Pesticide, antibiotic, drug extraction)
6. Pharmaceutical active ingredient APIs extraction
7. Food safety (contamination, adulteration, food traceability)
8. Biofuel sample processing

        Surface water chlorophyll tissue grinderExperimental steps:
Surface Water Tissue Grinder, Surface Water Chlorophyll Tissue Grinder
Surface Water Chlorophyll Tissue GrinderKey Features:

• A specially designed grinder is designed for the extraction of nucleic acid, protein and its analytical components in plant samples.
• High throughput: it can grind 8*15ml samples at the same time, and it can be applied to a variety of Grinding of size samples greatly improves work efficiency
• It only takes 1-2 minutes to complete each sample
• In order to ensure the reproducibility, validity and comparability of samples, the grinding machine can Set the grinding time, grinding rate and number of cycles to ensure consistent conditions between each grinding and the next, with a maximum time of 99 minutes.
• Built-in two safety locks and a sample compartment cover interlock, extremely safe and reliable.
• Normal temperature, low temperature animal and plant-like grinding experts
• Start and stop buttons allow the user to start or stop the grinding process at any time.
• Optional Ningbo Luoshan cryogenic accessories for cryogenic grinding and preservation of temperature-sensitive RNA and protein extraction samples

Surface water chlorophyll tissue GrinderTechnical parameters:

◆ Application areas: tissue homogenization, grinding, cell disruption, homogenization, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, shaking 12-bit and 24-bit liquid nitrogen freezing adapter
◆ Compatible sample volume: 24*(0.2-0.5ML) /24*2ML /8*(5-15)ML /4*25ML /2*50ML , can be customized various specifications of grinding tubes
◆ Touch screen display, can be convenient and intuitive operation
◆ Ten groups of experimental data can be stored, according to different experimental samples, set animal heart, spleen, lung, kidney, bone, skin 、Hair mode
◆ Mode cycle: According to the set experimental parameters, it can continuously cycle between several set parameters, further reducing the interference of human factors
◆ Anti-vibration principle: DHFSTPRP-1 innovative anti-vibration principle, As well as a special three-dimensional vibration mode of up and down and left and right shaking, the sample moves in a three-dimensional figure-8 shape in space, and the innovative grinding bead movement method ensures ideal sample processing and instant crushing effect.
◆ Feed size: none Requirements, adjust according to adapter
◆ Discharge particle size: ~5µm
◆ Number of grinding platforms (acceptable number of grinding jars) > 2
◆ Fastening device with automatic centering is
◆ Homogenizing speed: 0—70 HZ/sec, working time: 0 seconds-9999 minutes, user can set by themselves;
◆ Grinding ball diameter: 0.1-30mm
◆ Grinding ball material: Alloy Steel, Chromium Steel, Zirconia, Tungsten Carbide, Quartz Sand;
◆ Acceleration: Maximum speed in 2 seconds
◆ Deceleration: Lower speed in 2 seconds
◆ Noise level: <55db
◆ Grinding method: wet grinding, dry grinding, cryogenic grinding
◆ Ability to upgrade to ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen refrigeration or air refrigerator refrigeration
◆ Adapter material : Teflon or alloy steel
◆ Safety lock with automatic center positioning fastening device when working, full protection Zirconium

◆ Dimensions: 630*300*480mm

◆ Weight: 60KG

Surface water chlorophyll tissue grinderExperimental results:

Chlorophyll Detection-1.jpg

Leaf Green Test-2.jpg

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