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Main features of digital rotational viscometer

Article source:LAWSON Author:Lawson Popularity: 584 Issuing Time:2018/6/7 13:19:08

    Main Features of Digital Rotational Viscometer

1. Using program-controlled motor control, the change of mains frequency does not affect the measurement accuracy;

2. Using 16-bit microcomputer processor as the core of stepping motor high subdivision drive, LCD backlight display;

3. The temperature probe can be selected to detect the temperature of the tested sample in real time;

4. The measurement data is directly displayed on the LCD screen without secondary calculation;

5. It has the functions of stable speed, good accuracy, programmed design and easy operation;

6. The screen directly displays information such as viscosity, rotational speed, percent torque, rotor number and the temperature of the measured liquid;

7. With RS232 communication interface (or optional USB interface), connect to a computer to print or store data;

8. The instrument's full scale and linearity of each gear are all calibrated through the PC interface, with excellent measurement performance and complete functions;

9. Computer full-scale linear correction, measurement accuracy is ±1.0% of full scale;

10. Optional data processing software can record the changes in viscosity in real time with time, rotation speed or rotor (shear rate), and temperature, which provides a good understanding of the viscosity and rheological properties of non-Newtonian liquids. detection methods and means.

It is precisely because of its many functions that digital rotational viscometers are widely used in oil, ink, paint, paint, milk products, juice, latex, glue, slurry, textile, food, medicine, adhesives, cosmetics and other production industries and scientific research units . The instrument has the advantages of accurate, fast, intuitive and simple measurement, and has been selected by customers in various industries.

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