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Application case of ultrasonic cleaner in restaurant

Article source:LAWSON Author:Lawson Popularity: 657 Issuing Time:2018/6/2 11:38:04

          Don’t think that the ultrasonic cleaning machine with powerful cleaning ability can also be used in industrial production. Disinfect tableware, plates, bowls, wine glasses, spoons, chopsticks, dishes for cleaning. Of course, the most suitable in this field are commercial ultrasonic cleaners.

          However, the cleaning principle is the same as that of the industrial ultrasonic cleaner, but on this basis, the effect of sterilization and disinfection is also added. A strong killing blow to all kinds of bacteria. Not only that, the commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine used in the restaurant also has the advantages of low power consumption, water saving, time saving, simple structure, high efficiency, long life, convenient maintenance and so on.

          How does it achieve the above advantages? Mainly because this type of ultrasonic cleaning machine does not need motors and pumps when it is used; high-pressure water and circulating water are not required for washing; it also does not require the movement and rotation of the mechanism, and everything is completed only by the vibration of water molecules, so the machine Low noise, and save water and electricity.

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