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The important contribution of ultrasonic instruments in the pig industry

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In recent years, with the development of ultrasonic technology, the application scope of ultrasonic equipment has also been expanded. In addition to the important role of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the cleaning field, there are ultrasonic instruments suitable for other fields. I heard that some ultrasonic instruments have also played a certain role in pig farms. Is this true?

1. Technical principles in ultrasonic instruments

This technique mainly uses high-frequency sound waves, which are transmitted into the animal and then picked up by a quartz crystal inside the ultrasonic probe. Since the acoustic impedance of different tissues is different, the reflection speed is also different, and the collected information can be formed into an ultrasonic image, which can play a corresponding role.

2. The efficacy of ultrasonic instruments in pig raising

Similar instruments have many advantages, a typical one being the ability to non-invasively obtain information in live animals in vitro, and it is precisely because of this that ultrasonic technology can be used to detect various aspects of the growth state of pigs.

In the actual application process, many factors may affect the detection accuracy of the ultrasonic instrument. On the one hand, the posture of the pig body should be carried out in a natural state; on the other hand, the position of the reading should be positioned as far as possible in the white In the middle of the line; on the other hand, it is related to human factors. In order to reduce errors, the testing personnel should also be fixed.

3. The functions that ultrasonic instruments may have in the future

With the advancement of ultrasonic technology, the function of ultrasonic instruments will definitely become more and more perfect, and it may be applied to other animal production besides pigs. The current purpose is to measure the intramuscular fat content of beef cattle and pigs through computer image analysis, so as to provide a good foundation for the development of breeding industry

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