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LAWSON Abrasive Hair Samples New Breakthrough! Quickly identify whether a suspect is a drug addict

Article source:LAWSON Author:Lawson Popularity: 1808 Issuing Time:2018/5/29 14:49:51

LAWSON-Principles of hair sample identification

      Hair identification of drug addiction is a very practical and universal identification method that has emerged in the legal inspection department in recent years.

      Drug components or metabolites in drug addicts will be used for the synthesis of tissue components in the process of hair growth, so by identifying the components of the hair, it is possible to quickly determine whether the suspect has drug addiction.

      There are various extraction methods for hair components, among which grinding extraction is the most efficient and accurate. By grinding the hair into powder, the surface area of the hair can be greatly increased, and its keratin protein can be fully destroyed, so that the solvent can penetrate deep into the medulla and cortical layers of the hair to fully dissolve and extract, and then detect whether the extraction solution contains Drug components can be quickly identified.

LAWSON Research progress

       As early as October 2015, LAWSON started to cooperate with Shandong Jining City Public Security Bureau and Shanghai Judicial Appraisal Institute to conduct grinding and testing on suspects' hair samples, and to identify whether the suspects have drug abuse behaviors with high throughput and accuracy.

       Now LAWSON has a new breakthrough - the grinding of hair samples can be completed at room temperature without freezing or liquid nitrogen, which is convenient for detection and identification in more occasions.

       Whether you need to quickly grind a large number of hair samples, or you need to carry equipment to the outdoor site for identification, LAWSON can meet the requirements! Grind up to 384 samples in 30 seconds (sample throughput varies by model).

LAWSONExperimental exploration

laboratory apparatus

LAWSONHair grinder, ultrasonic cleaner(LAWSON)

1. Clean the sampled hair in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove contaminants;
2. After the clean hair is dry, the preliminary shearing is carried out;
3. Put the broken hair into the net letter hair grinding kit;
4. Set up a special grinder for Jingxin hair,Startgrinding; 
5. After the grinding is completed, the hair sample is taken out after the equipment is stopped, and the subsequent component detection experiment is carried out.

Experimental results

Hair sample before grinding

After grinding, the hair sample is in the form of a fine powder

      LAWSONThe hair special grinder only needs 30 seconds of grinding to fully meet the particle size requirements of the hair sample component extraction experiment.

      LAWSON is the inventor of China's multi-sample tissue grinder and freezer grinder. It masters the core technology. It is one of the few large-scale production bases in China that integrates production and sales and has a very complete range of grinders.


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