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Cryogenic Homogenizer

Frozen Samples homogenizer DHFSTPRP-CL24
Frozen Samples homogenizer DHFSTPRP-CL24

DHFSTPRP-CL24 Frozen Samples homogenizer is a special, fast, high-efficiency, multi-tube consistent system. It can extract and purify the original DNA, RNA and protein from any source (including soil, plant and animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens, etc.).

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DHFSTPRP-CL24 Frozen Samples homogenizer is a special, fast, high-efficiency, multi-tube consistent system. It can extract and purify the original DNA, RNA and protein from any source (including soil, plant and animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens, etc.).

Three key elements of sample processing:

○High-efficiency grinding - processing up to 192 samples in one batch

○Cryogenic grinding - grinding temperature can be customized

○Do not destroy sample components - cryoprotect sample components

Technical Features

·Adjustable cooling

·Fast cooling

·Large grinding flux

·Good grinding effect

·Fully enclosed grinding

·Stable repeatability

·Program can be stored



▷ Save time and effort

▷High speed and convenience

▷High-throughput processing of samples

▷The experiment has good repeatability

▷The sample is in a fully enclosed state, no cross-contamination

▷Low noise≤55db: use brushless variable frequency motor

▷No need for liquid nitrogen operation, high safety

▷No wearing parts design, electromagnetic locking protection

▷Stainless steel inner cavity, easy to clean and disinfect

▷No regular maintenance required 

Grindable samples:

1. Plant tissue:roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.
2. Animal tissue:Brain, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, Thymus, Kidneys, Intestines, Lymph Nodes, Muscles, Bones, etc.
3. Fungal bacteria:Yeast, Escherichia coli, etc.
4. Food and Drugs:All kinds of food, pills, etc.
5. Volatile samples:Coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.
6. Plastics, polymers:PE, PS, textile, resin, etc.

·Extract nucleic acid/protein

  Cryogenic grinding of samples can effectively inhibit nucleic acid degradation and retain protein activity.

·Analysis of active ingredients

  Significant differences often exist between isomers of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Cryogenic grinding prevents molecular degradation due to pressure and heat.

Reduce sample volatilization

  Cryogenic grinding can significantly reduce the volatilization of the sample and preserve the content of the sample components more completely

Grinding tough/hard samples

  For hard-to-grind samples such as high-toughness plastics, high-strength plastics, and resins, low-temperature grinding can greatly improve the grinding effect and efficiency

DHFSTPRP-CL24 Frozen Samples homogenizer a special vertical up-down integrated vibration mode is adopted, through the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact and shearing of grinding beads (zirconia, steel balls, glass beads, ceramic beads). achieve goals quickly. The ground samples are more complete and uniform, the sample repeatability is better, and there is no cross-contamination between samples.

The number of operations is large, the effect is goodEfficient and fast work can complete the grinding of 2×24, 2×48, 4×96 samples in 1 minute. Save time and effort, and the difference between batches and batches is small. The extracted protein has higher specific activity and longer nucleic acid fragments.
No cross contaminationThe sample tube is completely closed during the crushing process, and disposable centrifuge tubes and beads can be used. The sample remains intact in the tube to avoid cross-contamination between samples and external contamination.
Easy to operate1. Built-in program controller, which can set parameters such as grinding time and rotor vibration frequency; 2. Humanized operation interface.
good stability1. The vertical oscillation method is adopted, and the grinding is more sufficient and the stability is better; 2. During the operation of the instrument, the noise is less than 55dB, which will not interfere with other experiments or instruments.
Convenient low temperature operationWhen a cryogenic grinding environment is required, the adapter with the sample can be immersed in liquid nitrogen to cool for 1-2 minutes. After taking it out, move it to the host for quick fixation, and then grinding can begin without re-freezing, saving liquid nitrogen.
good repeatabilityThe same tissue sample was set to the same program to obtain the same grinding effect. The working time is short and the sample temperature does not rise.

Tissue grinding, homogenization, cell disruption, homogenization, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, shaking, etc.
The maximum processing capacity within 15 seconds can process 24 samples at the same time, integrated compressor refrigeration
Compatible sample books
24*(0.2-0.5ML) /24*2ML /12*(5-15)ML  /4*25ML  /2*50ML, various specifications of grinding tubes can be customized
Display method
Touch screen display for convenient and intuitive operation
Data Storage
Ten groups of experimental data can be stored. According to different experimental samples, animal heart, spleen, lung, kidney, bone, skin, and hair patterns are set.
 Pattern loopAccording to the set experimental parameters, it can continuously cycle between several set parameters to further reduce the interference of human factors
Maximum feed sizeNo requirement, adjust according to adapter
 Cooling functionYes, adjustable from -30 degrees to 37 degrees
Temperature control accuracy+ 0.5℃
 Open cover operation protectionElectromagnetic lock
Final discharge particle size
Number of grinding platforms
(Number of acceptable grinding jars)>2
Fastening device
With automatic centering
Homogenization speed
0~70 Hz/sec, working time: 0sec~99min, user can set by himself
Grinding Ball Diameter
Grinding Ball Material
Alloy steel, chrome steel, zirconia, tungsten carbide, quartz sand
Reach max speed in 2 seconds
slow down
Reach minimum speed in 2 seconds
Noise level
Grinding method
Wet grinding, dry grinding, cryogenic grinding are available
Thermostat can be reconfigured
With the ability to upgrade to ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen refrigeration or air refrigerator refrigeration
Adapter Material
PTFE, alloy steel
Safety Instructions
Fastening device with automatic centering, safety lock when working, full protection
Grinding Kit Materials
Rigid steel, , PTFE (Teflon), zirconia
58 Kg

host1 set
adapterØ2ml 1set
Refrigeration adapterØ2ml 1set or Ø1.5ml 1set(2 out of 1)
grinding beads1. 1000 Ø5 imported stainless steel grinding beads or 1000 Ø5 imported ceramic grinding beads (choose 1 from 2); 2. 1000 Ø3 imported stainless steel grinding beads.
Special Grinding Tube200 piece
Special bead gun1 set(Optional)
Extracted object: animal tissue-DNALW-D-P1(Optional)
Extracted object: animal tissue-RNALW-D-P2(Optional)
Extracted object: animal tissue-proteinLW-D-P3(Optional)
Extracted object: plant tissue-DNALW-Z-P1(Optional)
Extracted object: plant tissue-RNALW-Z-P2(Optional)
Extracted object: plant tissue-proteinLW-Z-P3(Optional)
Extracted object: microorganism-DNALW-W-P1(Optional)
Extracted object: microorganism-RNALW-W-P2(Optional)
Extracted object: microorganism-proteinLW-W-P3(Optional)

1. The matching LW kit can be used to quickly, efficiently, stably, and batch extract DNA/RNA proteins from samples.

2. 1Hz=30 revolutions/second / 1Hz=100RPM

3. Conventional adapters can be refrigerated to give samples a cool environment while working. It can be equipped with an adapter with refrigeration, which can be soaked in liquid nitrogen for more than 30 minutes.

4. The noise emission value for the working environment depends on the type of sample and the settings of the grinder. The parameters in the table are in the no-load state.

5. Small samples typically used for DNA and RNA isolation can be prepared in disposable centrifuge tubes. Adapters made of Teflon material can be used to accommodate 5 or 10 disposable sample tubes for cell disruption. Cells and tissues are rapidly and efficiently disrupted in a very short time in the Multi-Sample Tissue Grinder, thus eliminating the need for additional cryogenic refrigeration.

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