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Pointer Viscometer

pointer Viscometer DHJ-1S
pointer Viscometer DHJ-1S

pointer Viscometer DHJ-1S is an instrument used to measure the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids and the apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquids.

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pointer Viscometer DHJ-1S is an instrument used to measure the absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquids and the apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquids.

This instrument is a pointer viscometer, and the rotor is driven by the motor to rotate at a constant speed through a variable speed. When the rotor rotates in the liquid, the greater the viscosity of the liquid acting on the rotor, the greater the viscous moment; on the contrary, the smaller the viscosity of the liquid, the smaller the viscous moment. The viscous moment acting on the rotor It is detected by the sensor and processed by the computer to obtain the viscosity of the measured liquid.

The instrument processes the data detected by the sensor, and clearly displays the rotor number, rotational speed, and viscosity of the liquid to be measured, which are set during measurement, on the pointer screen.

DHJ-1S is equipped with 4 rotors (No. 1, 2, 3, 4) and 4 gears of speed (6, 12, 30, 60 rpm), and 16 combinations of these can be used to measure the Viscosity of various liquids.

1. The lifting system adopts the helical rack/helical gear method:

The rotary viscometers of other domestic manufacturers use the straight rack/spur gear method. The rack and the gear have only one tooth contact during operation. If you adjust it upwards easily, it will slide downwards. If you avoid self-slipping, adjust it upwards. will be difficult. The rotational viscometer of our factory adopts the helical gear method. The helical rack and the helical gear have three teeth in contact when they work, which effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the straight rack/spur gear method. It is convenient and easy to move up and down without self-slip. . (The helical rack/helical gear method is much more difficult to process than the straight rack/pinion method)

2. A universal joint has been added to the interface connecting the rotor:

Usually, the rotor of the rotational viscometer is directly and rigidly connected to the rotating shaft, and the non-concentricity of the shaft or the non-concentricity of the rotor will cause the rotor to shake during the test and affect the test accuracy. The tip of the rotating shaft is thin and sharp, and even inadvertent collisions often cause bending or even damage to the shaft tip. The universal joint can effectively reduce the test error caused by the misalignment of the shaft and the rotor, and protect the shaft tip from being damaged by impact. This kind of structure has not been found in other domestic manufacturers, only imported high-grade viscometers have been seen (universal joints need to be processed by imported CNC machine tools, and the precision requirements are very high, so the cost has also increased a lot).

3. The speed change gear is made of high wear-resistant and high-performance engineering plastics:

In order to make the rotational viscometer run smoothly and measure accurately, the machining accuracy of the gears is very high. At present, the gears used in the production of viscometers by other domestic manufacturers are all made of metal sheets and then riveted with other parts. Due to the limitations of this processing method, it is difficult to meet the design requirements, which makes the viscometer run unstable during operation. Such as shaking, shaking, pointer jumping, etc., and the noise is large. However, our factory uses high-performance engineering plastics (its performance is better than metal) to press the entire part of the gear at one time. Due to the high precision of the mold, it is guaranteed that the processed gear fully meets the design requirements, which fundamentally solves the problem of metal gear belts. Therefore, the viscometer is very stable during operation, which improves the test accuracy.

4. Fine processing, excellent performance:

Each component is carefully processed and debugged, and the quality is strictly controlled. As much as possible, users can purchase happily and use them with confidence.

Measuring range
1 ~1×105mPa.s
Rotor Specifications
Rotor No. 1-4 Optional No. 0 rotor can measure low viscosity to 0.1mPa.s
Rotor speed
3, 6, 12, 30, 60 rpm
Measurement accuracy
±5%(Newtonian liquid)
Power supply
AC 220V±10% 50Hz±10%
Working environment
Temperature 5℃~35℃, relative humidity not more than 80%
Net weight

host 1 set
Rotors 1, 2, 3, 4 1 set (Note: No. 0 rotor is optional)
Power Adapter 1 set
Protective frame 1 single
base 1 single
Lifting column 1 set
user's manual 1 part
certificate 1 part
Warranty 1 part
Hexagon head 1 single
dumb wrench 2 single(Note: 1 for each size)

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