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2018-5 29

LAWSON Abrasive Hair Samples New Breakthrough! Quickly identify whether a suspect is a drug addict

LAWSON-Principles of hair sample identification Hair identification of drug addiction is a very practical …
2019-11 9

Grinder principle knowledge

Grinding machine is an important processing method in ultra-precision machining. Its advantages are high machin…
2019-8 15

LAWSON Frozen hair grinder helps police identify drug users

In the daily anti-drug work, the detection cycle of the suspect's urine, saliva, blood and other samples is ins…
2018-11 9

Application and Microwave Characteristics of High-throughput Airtight Microwave Digestion Apparatus

The microwave digestion instrument can perform rapid and efficient digestion and determination of chemical oxyg…
2018-11 8

Learn the basics of mini metal baths

Mini metal bath is a constant temperature metal bath product manufactured by microcomputer control technology. …
2018-11 8

The difference between constant temperature metal bath and constant temperature water bath

The constant temperature metal bath adopts a microcomputer-controlled constant temperature metal bath device, w…
2018-11 3

Application of viscometer in gel pen industry

Gel pens, also known as water pens, originated in Japan and are a novel writing tool that is currently popular …
2018-11 3

Digital Rotational Viscometer

Main performance characteristics◆ The application of our company's invention overcomes the disadvantage that d…
2018-10 30

Frozen tissue grinder

The high-throughput tissue grinder can generate up and down oscillations and curvilinear vortex oscillations. T…
2018-10 24

Main features and scope of application of high-speed homogenizer

Main features and scope of application of high-speed homogenizerThe high-speed homogenizer adopts the internati…
2018-10 23

Features of constant temperature mixer

The constant temperature mixer (constant temperature oscillator, constant temperature incubator, oscillating co…
2018-10 22

Precautions for the use of ultrasonic cell disruptor

Precautions for the use of ultrasonic cell crusher/ultrasonic cell crusher:1. Remember no load (be sure to inse…
2018-10 20

Overview of the working principle of vibrating screen

Vibrating screens have been widely used in industrial sectors such as mining, metallurgy, coal, water conservan…
2018-10 20

Characteristics and influencing factors of vibrating screen

The vibrating screen works by using the reciprocating rotary vibration generated by the vibrator excitation. Th…

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