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2018-6 8

LAWSON08-III Process and reagent instrument for breaking and shearing DNA genome

Ultrasound disrupts genomic DNA(1) Quantification of genomic DNA: 1 μg of genomic DNA (37.5yl system)(2) Ultra…
2018-3 12

DHFSTPRP Surface Water Chlorophyll Tissue Grinder-Chlorophyll24

DHFSTPRP-Ch24 Rapid cell disruption, cell lysis, and tissue homogenization can simultaneously process 8×15 mL c…
2020-7 17

How do I use a multi-tube vortex mixer?

LAWSON (Luo Shang China) DHM-200 Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer adopts brushless DC motor and microcomputer control te…
2020-7 4

Principle and function of ultrasonic cell disruptor

The ultrasonic cell disruptor converts electrical energy into sound energy through a transducer. This energy pa…
2020-4 8

How ultrasonic extractors work

Ultrasonic extractor, also known as ultrasonic extractor, mainly uses fast mechanical vibration waves generated…
2020-3 7

Application of constant temperature bead bath in cell recovery experiments_Simple steps

1. Experiment Name: Cell Recovery2. Experimental purpose: to restore the activity of cryopreserved cells3. Expe…
2019-12 1

Applications and Advantages of Ultrasonic Reactors

Ultrasonic reactor is mainly used for sonochemical reaction, enzymatic reaction, preparation of nanomaterials, …
2019-4 30

Commonly used dispersion methods for graphene preparation

1. Micro-mechanical stripping methodUse tape to peel the graphene flakes directly from the larger crystals and …
2019-4 30

What is the difference between graphene and graphite?

Difference:1. The thickness of the graphite sheet is thicker than that of graphene. When the graphite sheet is …
2019-4 13

Brief Introduction of Cell Disruption Technology-Application of Ultrasonic Disruption and High Pressure Homogenization Technology

Cell fragmentation, cell fragmentation technology refers to the use of external force to destroy the cell membr…
2018-10 25

Performance and characteristics of refrigerated grinder

The QM100S Refrigerated Mixing Oscillating Mill is a product specially developed for processing a small amount …
2018-10 23

LAWSON dry goods! On the Importance of Maintenance and Safety of Grinding Instruments

As the multi-sample tissue grinder slowly replaces the traditional manual grinder, the number of times the grin…
2018-10 16

How Universal Grinders Work

The working principle of the universal grinderThe universal grinding machine is controlled by a stepless speed …
2018-10 16

What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the grinder

Lapping machine is a grinding machine that grinds the surface of the workpiece with a grinding tool coated or …
2018-9 10

Overview of the working principle of vibrating screen

Vibrating screens have been widely used in industrial sectors such as mining, metallurgy, coal, water conservan…
2018-9 10

Application of flour in in-line vibrating screen

Flour is made by grinding wheat into powder. Many food factories are using flour, and they will accidentally dr…
2018-8 27

Precautions for the use of sterile homogenizers

Aseptic homogenizer, also known as beating homogenizer, beating homogenizer. It is mainly used for tissue dispe…
2018-8 25

Structural principle and installation of rotational viscometer

Rotational viscometer structure principle:1. The gear system and clutch are used for speed change, operated by …
2018-8 24

Several problems that must be paid attention to in the processing of fruits and vegetables by rotational viscometer

Rotational viscometers are widely used in the dynamic viscosity of various fluids such as fruits and vegetables…

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