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2018-6 8

LAWSON08-III Process and reagent instrument for breaking and shearing DNA genome

Ultrasound disrupts genomic DNA(1) Quantification of genomic DNA: 1 μg of genomic DNA (37.5yl system)(2) Ultra…
2018-5 29

LAWSON Abrasive Hair Samples New Breakthrough! Quickly identify whether a suspect is a drug addict

LAWSON-Principles of hair sample identification Hair identification of drug addiction is a very practical …
2018-3 12

DHFSTPRP Surface Water Chlorophyll Tissue Grinder-Chlorophyll24

DHFSTPRP-Ch24 Rapid cell disruption, cell lysis, and tissue homogenization can simultaneously process 8×15 mL c…
2020-7 17

How do I use a multi-tube vortex mixer?

LAWSON (Luo Shang China) DHM-200 Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer adopts brushless DC motor and microcomputer control te…
2020-7 4

Principle and function of ultrasonic cell disruptor

The ultrasonic cell disruptor converts electrical energy into sound energy through a transducer. This energy pa…
2020-4 8

How ultrasonic extractors work

Ultrasonic extractor, also known as ultrasonic extractor, mainly uses fast mechanical vibration waves generated…
2020-3 7

Application of constant temperature bead bath in cell recovery experiments_Simple steps

1. Experiment Name: Cell Recovery2. Experimental purpose: to restore the activity of cryopreserved cells3. Expe…
2019-12 1

Applications and Advantages of Ultrasonic Reactors

Ultrasonic reactor is mainly used for sonochemical reaction, enzymatic reaction, preparation of nanomaterials, …
2019-11 9

Grinder principle knowledge

Grinding machine is an important processing method in ultra-precision machining. Its advantages are high machin…
2019-8 15

LAWSON Frozen hair grinder helps police identify drug users

In the daily anti-drug work, the detection cycle of the suspect's urine, saliva, blood and other samples is ins…
2019-4 30

Commonly used dispersion methods for graphene preparation

1. Micro-mechanical stripping methodUse tape to peel the graphene flakes directly from the larger crystals and …
2019-4 30

What is the difference between graphene and graphite?

Difference:1. The thickness of the graphite sheet is thicker than that of graphene. When the graphite sheet is …
2019-4 13

Brief Introduction of Cell Disruption Technology-Application of Ultrasonic Disruption and High Pressure Homogenization Technology

Cell fragmentation, cell fragmentation technology refers to the use of external force to destroy the cell membr…
2019-2 15

Recommended overall plan for African swine fever virus nucleic acid detection practice (1)

African swine fever (African suwinefever, ASF) is a severe infectious disease caused by African swine fever…
2018-11 9

Application and Microwave Characteristics of High-throughput Airtight Microwave Digestion Apparatus

The microwave digestion instrument can perform rapid and efficient digestion and determination of chemical oxyg…
2018-11 8

Learn the basics of mini metal baths

Mini metal bath is a constant temperature metal bath product manufactured by microcomputer control technology. …

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